Photo: Kate Goodrich
Joel Cadbury has been working in music professionally for over 12 years, as a singer, songwriter and producer. His first band 'South' (Joel Cadbury, Jamie McDonald and Brett Shaw) were signed to James Lavelle's 'Mo Wax' label in 1998.

'South' were the first 'guitar band' to sign with 'Mo Wax' which, until that point had been primarily a 'dance and breakbeat' label. 'South' were dubbed an 'indie band with a dance aesthetic' and went on to release four studio albums to critical acclaim, touring extensively in North America, Japan and Europe, Their music has been synched repeatedly on shows including 'The OC' and 'Six Feet Under'. In 2001 'South' collaborated with 'Unkle' on the original score of Jonathan Glazer's cult gangster movie 'Sexy Beast'. 'South' called it a day in 2009.

More recently Joel has been working closely with 'Unkle' (the collaborative musical project founded by James Lavelle) He has had a major input into their last two studio albums, co-writing many of the songs and sharing production duties on both 2010's 'Where Did The Night Fall', and 2011's 'Another Night Out'. In 2007, when 'Unkle Live' was created to take the musical vision on the road, Joel was a key member of the project. Touring and performing around the world as a singer and guitarist. In 2010 Joel became Musical Director of 'Unkle Live' co-ordinating many 'Unkle' shows including performances at The Sydney Opera House and Brixton Academy.

In 2009 after signing a publishing deal with Music Sales Publishing, he was approached, along with Melissa Parmenter to compose the score to Michael Winterbottom's dark and brooding noir epic 'The Killer Inside Me' (2010). His time with Music Sales publishing has also seen him contribute additional score to 2010's 'Soul Boy' and collaborate on songwriting projects with Beth Orton, Nick Hemming (Leisure Society), Tim Elsenburg (Sweet Billy Pilgrim) and his 'Unkle' co-collaborator Gavin Clark.

Along with this film work and songwriting, Joel has been working in TV and advertising, collaborating with more recent musical partners Paul Stoney and Ascher Nathan composing and producing music for clients including Bentley, Ford and Playstation.